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Early morning. Not enough sleep. Waiting in the car, feeling tired, grumpy, and old.

By the way…. it’s a self-portrait. I refuse to call it a “selfie”. Even if it was taken on my iPhone.

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  1. 27/09/2017 11:07 am

    Excellent, absolutely excellent – and the more so when many bloggers (not including me!) never reveal their faces. Quite apart from that, I really like this image, the grain, the expression, and its perfect for black and white. But I never have any trouble with “selfie”, although having vast misgivings about the major and imperative role that selfies now play in younger generations’ lives. A 🙂

    • 27/09/2017 11:14 am

      Thank you Adrian.
      To be fair, on reflection I don’t feel that strongly about the word “selfie”. I was not at my best this morning and the “grumpy old man” persona was still in the ascendant….

      • 27/09/2017 5:04 pm

        Well, no problem, show the grumpy old man then – something I often am myself – show reality, we are not youngsters who depend on happy-happy selfies for the esteem of our peers. Excellent photo, I do think. A

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