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Black (and white) and blue


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  1. 22/09/2012 12:07 am

    You did a nice job with this tree, Graham, great image! Maybe it’s even better without the blue?!

    • 22/09/2012 8:28 am

      Thank you Truels. I take your point about the blue background – but the background was quite confused and muddled so I wanted a plain backdrop. I was also experimenting with returning some colour to a black & white shot (never done this before). I may try a different edit with perhaps a more restrained blue?

  2. 22/09/2012 3:08 pm

    Oh that’s nice, Graham – very graphic and a joy to look at! I disagree with Truels – I think the blue is a very integral part of the whole thing – the blue takes it away from being so abstract, it brings a touch of reality, which I think then further enhances the very abstract and graphic, black and white tree. Having that space white would have far less effect I think.

    If you’ve yet to try returning colour to mono shots you should certainly try it asap! SEP2 makes it very easy – quite a lot of my posts use it. Moderation is probably the key – a little restored colour goes a long way. Good luck! Adrian

  3. 22/09/2012 6:04 pm

    A lovely and appealing graphic shot. Super.

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